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*** Car bobble head doll ***
This application senses the movement of car. If the car moves suddenly the eyes of the head bobble doll will flash. Once you import someone's name and number to the settings. They will be the contact when you are in a dangerous situation. If you are injured during the accident it will send your location to that designated people. It will automatically send the message by a touch of the screen. Also when you use this program it will tell you the time and location through Google maps and it has a day and night sense. The application also includes a media player that allows you to play music via Bluetooth thru your car radio or player. The weather will display on the screen using an animation. When you are using this application you won't need to touch your phone as the application includes the function of calling numbers, reading messages. By using this application regularly while you are driving you will save yourself from a dangerous situation.
*** This is a 14 day trial, if you like the app please purchase Drive Home Tools for unlimited use ***

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